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About CricIntel Ground Reports

What is in the reports?

Each detailed report is four pages long and delivered in PDF format. Stats, graphs and tables of key ground data are included, along with concise written summaries. (See what other users say about them)

Specifically each Twenty20 report is broken down into the following sections:

* Ground summary
* Match overview
* 1st innings analysis
* The chase
* Recent matches
* Other useful information

How do I use the reports?

The reports contain ground specific data CricIntel considers relevant to the upcoming match the report is being prepared for. We supply data for our users to interpret and draw their own conclusions from. This enables users to utilise the reports in the market areas they are interested in.

The aim of the reports is to enable users to determine the important characteristics of a ground, identify ways in which matches will likely develop and see which are the key stats that impact on match results at each ground. Different grounds have very different characteristics.

The reports are prepared a few days before each game when accurate team and weather information is not available. If it is your intention to use the information in the reports to bet on a match we suggest checking team and weather news nearer match time.

We have made a short video that explains our reports further and suggests how to get the most out of them.

What is relevant data?

It is data CricIntel considers useful when assessing an upcoming match. In general this means applying the following filters:

* Ground
* Full matches only
* Match Type (T20, ODI etc)
* All domestic matches (We omit some competitions from our stats)
* Internationals between the top 8 international teams only
* Day or Day / Night matches
* Date

Do CricIntel Ground Reports contain tips?

No. CricIntel ground reports do not contain tips. The reports are not a tipping service.