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About Us

We're CricIntel. We like cricket stats. A lot.

And we like to share them with our readers.

Not so much stats of general interest to cricket enthusiasts. Though we like those statistics. But what really interests us is stats that help to give a picture of how a cricket match may develop. And which team might win it.

Which is no surprise really as CricIntel was founded by a cricket trader who built his own detailed cricket betting database.

I've been involved in the cricket markets for several years and made a 6 figure profit from betting on the sport.

My success has largely been down to my interpretation of the data I keep when preparing for and betting on cricket matches. I'm now making this kind of data available through our ground reports.

You can contact me through @crictrade99 on Twitter. I also write my own cricket / betting themed blog at CricTrade.

The legal stuff

CricIntel is wholly owned by CricIntel, a partnership registered at Companies House. You can read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by clicking on the links. You can find out how to email us and message us on Twitter through our Contact Us page. If you like to use stamps our registered business snail mail address is on our privacy policy.