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Privacy policy

Please note this privacy policy applies to this website and our applications. ("our sites") If you do not accept this privacy policy and cookies notice do not use our sites.

CricIntel takes privacy seriously. We may collect information and deal with it in the following ways:


CricIntel collects the email addresses of those who register to receive our free newsletter. Any information provided by you is stored so we can contact you with future newsletters.

The newsletter can be unsubscribed from at any time. CricIntel does not share email addresses with any third party organisation for commercial or non commercial purposes unless required to by law.


We use software to monitor information such as visitor browser types, IP addresses, pages visited and any interactions made with content. Our interest in this is to improve the user experience on our sites. Further information is avaiable in section 3 of the Cookies section below.

Competitions,  Promotions and Sales

Certain services we provide may require us to collect data, such as your name, location or email address, so that our service can be provided. We may store and use this information to contact you subsequently. CricIntel will not subsequently pass this information on to a third party unless required to by law.


Cookies are small pieces of text that are downloaded to your computer or device when you visit a website. Your browser sends these cookies back to the website each time you visit so the site can recognise you and tailor what you see.

Cookies are an essential part of the World Wide Web. They make interacting with websites easier. There are 4 main types of cookies.

1) Cookies that are required to provide a service you have requested. For example, if you buy a something a cookie will ensure it stays in your basket for the duration of your visit.

2) Cookies that improve your browsing experience. For example, remembering your preferences and settings. CricIntel does not use this type of cookie.

3) Cookies that measure analytics - that is how a visitor behaves on and interacts with a site. CricIntel uses standard 3rd Party analytics packages (Google Analytics and 3D stats) and has access to any and all data collected by them. This enables us, for example, to keep track of which pages are popular. It's useful to see how visitors navigate our sites and to see if users are receiving error messages.

4) Cookies that show advertising relevant to your interests. Some sites sell space to advertisers who then display adverts relevant to you dependent on your browsing history. CricIntel does not sell space to such advertisers.

Legal Information and how to contact us

We are required under the UK Data Protection Act 1988 to inform you the data controller for cricintel.com and our sites, responsible for protecting your information, is CricIntel.

If you would like a copy of the personal information we hold about you please contact the data controller. A small administration fee (not exceeding the maximum permitted by law) may be charged in relation to fulfilling your request for access to the data held about you.